Hi, it’s Will.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Why Willywazza?

“Willywazza” is a mash up of two endearing childhood nicknames, “Willy” and “Wazza”.

Why did I launch this blog?

I believe my thirties will be arguably the most important decade of my life. The decisions I make, people I meet, and situations I encounter could very much shape the rest of my existence.

So when I turned 30, I decided to start documenting my experiences as I entered this exciting yet daunting new chapter.

The intent is to provide honest and authentic viewpoints on a variety of subjects relevant for my generation, including health, lifestyle, personal finance, love & relationships and well-being.

Furthermore, writing has always been a consistent element throughout my life. My father was a Managing Editor of a major publication in his home country and was very fond of literature. Growing up, I was surrounded by books, magazines and poems. I would carry around a little notebook and spend hours lying on my bed, writing short stories with colourful characters embarking on epic adventures.

Writing is also very therapeutic and soothing for the mind and soul.